Stick Mob Celebrates Indigenous Literacy Day

STICK MOB CELEBRATES INDIGENOUS LITERACY DAY! Watch our short 2 minute video on the Stick Mob journey to publishing our first graphic novels in partnership with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Check out Stick Mob’s graphic novels and so many other amazing videos on the Indigenous Literacy Day website. So great to see these stories celebrated […]

Stick Mob On Funky Kids Radio Podcast – with Andy Griffiths

listen up people!   Stick Mob’s creatives jumped onto a podcast with Andy Griffiths.  Scriptwriter Lauren Boyle from Adelaide and Alyssa Mason,  Declan Miller & Seraphina Newberry from Alice Springs talked about their recently published graphic novels.“These amazingly talented young people have made history, so make sure to check out this great podcast to find out why!” Funky […]